May. 6th, 2014

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Now this is a story all about how
I rose to political and military power
So I’d like to take a minute - what do you say? -
To tell you how I became the boss of the DPRK.

In north-west Korea I was born and raised
In Switzerland is where I spent my school days
Learning foreign languages, eating steak
And racing some jetskis out on the lake
When my brother, who was the successor as planned,
Got caught sneaking into Disneyland
So when my dad dropped dead, the whole Party gang
Said: “You’re ruling with your aunty and uncle in Pyongyang.”

I whistled for a tank, and when it came near
They called me “Brilliant Comrade” and saluted in fear
I told them they were spending 20 years in the camps
But then I said “Only joking. Yo! Home to Pyongyang!”

I pulled up to the palace ‘bout 7 or 8 
And I took out my uncle and shot him as a traitor
Looked at my kingdom, what a glorious day
To sit on the throne of the DPRK.
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When you finally realise that you have no control over outcomes, only your own actions - and that only marginally, over the top of bad habits, avoidance patterns, and the rules of your personal identity game - you understand that you only have what you give away, and that any action must be meaningful in itself. Then the goal of survival as a living creature becomes the question of what goal you survive for - or, in other words, which fire you will walk into, as a sacrifice to What Really Matters.


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