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I will go anywhere, and do anything, that is necessary to bring goodness into this $2.99 material world and make the experience of being human that little bit better.

My primary means to achieve this are:

a) music, as the way in which the Other World (the better world which lies behind normal human reality, and where all art, mystical experience and creativity comes from) touches me most directly;
b) cultural shamanism. This is an approach to work in our culture based on the understanding that humans are partly rational and partly non-rational, and that therefore any attempt to change human reality must combine, on a complementary basis:
i) the rational - a rigorously scientific Marxist-Reichian-cultural materialist analysis, and
ii) the non-rational - a "mythic" understanding drawing on the insights of non-dualist spirituality, chaos magick, voudoun and other forms of "folk parapsychology" which speak to the non-Ego in its own language. (To put it another way, practical anthropology on our own culture as we live it.)
c) Sufi spiritual practice, as the way that I've made a commitment to, to get past my own ego and increase the chances of getting good advice from the Other World;
d) eco-socialist and anti-imperialist political activism;
e) ethical behaviour and loving-kindness in my real life.

I will also look after this primate body and childlike soul of mine, and give her all the good food, exercise, companionship, Nice Touching and lulz that she needs.
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... this is my personal blog, where the squishy human part of Vostok Lake rambles on about all the things in her life which aren't cyborg folk music. For the blog about the cyborg folk music, please check this out.

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