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My old 2010 model ebike is on its last legs. A good new one - self-locking, double the range - will set me back up to 3 grand. As I am reliably informed by puzzled people, I could get a good used car for that. Let's look at the pros and cons of buying a car over an e-bike:


  • More comfy in wet weather
  • Much longer possible trips
  • Can carry musical equipment


  • Petrol, WoF, registration, parking and insurance running costs
  • Can't fix it myself
  • Can't take shortcuts on cycleways / through reserves
  • Makes me part of the worst thing about Auckland - polluting traffic congestion
  • Getting STUCK in polluting traffic congestion
  • Massively increases the risk of becoming an asshole

The last one is vital. A Disney cartoon starring Goofy I saw as a child makes the point that people's personalities change for the worse when they're behind the wheel. Some of the nicest people I know, saints in daily life, become grumpy and unkind in traffic. And that's not even taking account of the resentment motorists feel towards cyclists (see this article about a driver in the Wairarapa chasing and pwning a cyclist for no reason at all).

On my way home tonight, I slowed down and pulled over to let a car pass. Far from being appreciative, the driver shouted USE THE FOOTPATH at me as he screamed past. (Fun fact: that's illegal in this country.)In contrast, cycling in traffic teaches you situational awareness and respect, because you may quite literally die without them. So, considering how aggressive my basic personality is, best not to risk worsening it by regular driving.

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